BlacktipH Fishing

About the Show

Huge hammerhead shark caught by Joshua Jorgensen in the Florida Keys

It all started in 2003 with a young angler fishing for sharks on the beaches in Florida. As his passion for the sport grew, Joshua Jorgensen began documenting his catches via camcorder and in 2008 BlacktipH Fishing was born. The name for the show was created from the online personality that Jorgensen had developed over the years, being known as the “blacktip hunter”. The "H" in BlacktipH stands for "Hunter".

The show is currently aired on YouTube. Our mission is to provide our viewers with high quality, action-packed content. We pursue the extreme side of fishing showing our viewers the exciting world of big game fishing. The show is 100% catch and release. We promote conservation and participate in NOAA's Apex Predator's shark tagging program.

Today, BlacktipH Fishing is the most subscribed online fishing show in the world, with over 39,000,000 views. We have one of the largest varieties of fishing videos, with over 25 different species of fish caught in both freshwater and saltwater. Our goal is to produce the most entertaining fishing videos on the web.